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Couple's Therapy

Would you like to strengthen or repair the bond between you and your partner?

Are romance and sex on the back burner, and leaving you feeling disconnected?

Do you want to feel valuable and important to your spouse?

Or maybe everyone thinks that you are in the most perfect relationship from the outside, but on the inside, it feels insecure, sad, and lonely to be in your marriage?


Maybe you’ve noticed a stagnant pattern in your relationship . . .

You know, the one where the more one of you wants to talk about something, the more the other does not, and you end up in a seemingly never-ending dance of not getting core issues resolved. The more you want to talk it out and the other does not, the more abandoned, hurt, angry and disconnected you both feel. 

Holistic couples/relationship therapy is the answer you’ve been searching for . . .

A relationship between partners who love and evolve each other is one of the most rewarding things you can experience in life.  

Unfortunately, every relationship encounters challenges that may be scary, painful, or seem like an insurmountable tidal wave.

Holistic relationship therapy focuses on emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, and provides a holistic culturally-sensitive approach to navigating your relation-ship (the vehicle of your relations) through, both calm and stormy, waters.  It can teach you how to feel close, intimate, and calm.

I offer a holistic approach to counseling couples and partners who are in distress or having trouble navigating their relationship together.  I also provide premarital counseling, and therapy with partners whose relationship is running smoothly but want to deepen intimacy and create a conscious partnership together.

Couples therapy is a wonderful way to help couples feel more connected to each other and enable you to feel seen and understood by each other.

It is also extremely helpful for couples who are about to go through a major life transition together such as moving in together, getting married, having a baby, adopting a child, retiring, etc. as these are times when relationships encounter stress and may be at risk for  communication problems.  Couples therapy can teach valuable skills for maintaining your connection.

Together we can also:

  • Resolve repetitive arguments in your relationship and creating more intimacy

  • Heal relationship wounds caused by betrayal and affairs

  • Improve your mood and develop self-management skills for depression, anxiety, anger and grief

  • Learning how to release your trauma and live more easily, and

  • Manage persistent pain or fear of abandonment.

What can you expect to experience in couples therapy with Dr. Laird?

 Your safety is important to me. I don't take sides. Many couples enter therapy trapped in a cycle of disconnection that is painful for both partners. Often the same basic relational pattern is playing out repeatedly, like being stuck in a dance. Our work is to change the music to that dance.

We will uncover the roots of the problem to achieve lasting change. Unlike other modalities of couples therapy that primarily focus on learning communication skills, we will be diving beneath the surface to explore what is really happening at the level of your emotional bond. When we work at this level and the music changes, things begin to feel safer. In my experience, people think, talk, and behave differently when they feel safer and supported.

I believe in this process and have seen it work. If you are feeling desperate, or hopeless, know that you are not alone. Also know that you will arrive at your first session with a secret superpower–your DNA. Recent neuroscience advances clearly show that human beings are wired for connection. This wiring will support us as we work together to rebuild a secure and loving relationship.

Take the next step to cultivate well-being in your partnership by calling to schedule a free consultation and obtain more information!

The fee for an initial 90 minute premarital or couples therapy intake is $260 and each subsequent therapy session will be between $165 and $240 depending on the duration (50 to 80 minutes). Extended couples sessions and intensives are also offered as an intervention to address more acute concerns.

 So let’s get started!  I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Discounts on couples and relationship therapy sessions may be available if all partners are willing to have sessions recorded for use in consultations and trainings for practicing and student clinicians.  Please call for details.

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