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Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing, also known as a psychological assessment, refers to scientific methods psychologists often use to understand what might be troubling a particular person, or to gather information about a person's current emotional well-being, psychological or personality make-up, or to assess developmental, academic and intellectual abilities. 


The purpose of these evaluations is to promote greater understanding of the individual and to help plan appropriate treatment interventions.  In this way, psychological assessments can shorten treatment and reduce its cost when compared to treatment based solely on a clinical interview.  Psychological testing can also provide accurate and objective information to help answer questions posed by other health professionals and referring agencies such as school systems, medical providers, and social agencies.


After assessment procedures are completed and the results are obtained, clients (or their guardians) are typically given feedback about the results.


Psychological assessments are useful for a variety of purposes including the determination/clarification of the following:

            Gifted/Intellectual abilities                            ADHD assessment

            Developmental functioning                            Learning Disabilities

            Personality assessment                                  Autism Spectrum Disorders

            Emotional functioning                                   Social functioning

            Anxiety and Depression                                Trauma assessment

and more . . . .


The cost for testing is determined by the type of testing and length of time required for test administration, scoring and interpretation.  A comprehensive report with recommendations provided at the end of the assessment is included in the fees for this service. 

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A $500 deposit is required for all psychological assessments except Gifted Testing.  The cost for Gifted Testing (which is typically conducted to determine if a child qualifies for gifted placement in the school system) is $625.  A summary report is also included with the Gifted Testing fee.

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