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Quantum Energy Healing


Quantum Energy Healing is a unique modality provided by Dr. Laird that incorporates intuitive energetic assessment, reiki, shamanic healing practices, divine world prayers, images, tones, and other tools to facilitate healing and consciousness expansion.  Many of the tools that are used in this practice are available for clients to access through two of Dr. Laird’s spiritual teachers, Masters Mitchell Gibson M.D. and Acharya Kathy Gibson via their website:  


A major tenet of Quantum Energy Healing is the evolution of consciousness—both individual and collective. This means that there is always a willingness to empower others to acquire knowledge, skills and tools to take with them to facilitate their own healing and wellbeing between and after sessions.  Clients are encouraged to access their pre-existing tools, and are also provided with additional resources if they choose, to maximize their progress.  Sessions may vary in length depending on what comes up during the process.  Both in-person and distance healing sessions are available.  


Quantum Energy Healing is a wonderful supplement to (but NOT a substitute for) medical and rehabilitation treatments for injuries and or other medical concerns.


Click here for more information about reiki.


            30 minute session                             $50

            50 minute session                             $90

            Bundle packages available upon request

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