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Embrace the best version of yourself!

Most of us just want to be happy.

We yearn for peace, a sense of purpose or stability, and to feel like we’re in control of our lives.

A lot of difficult things have happened in your life, and you have been strong enough to get through it. But at what cost?

It can be difficult to escape self-doubt arising from past mistakes, fears rooted in past negative experiences, and the emotional pain from a major loss or unfulfilled desires.

You've probably been really trying hard to be okay for a long time now. But you’re still stuck… still feeling tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated with everything.

And you may have fallen into the trap of thinking that strength is being “the rock” for your family and friends--the one who people can come to when they need help. Or being able to “deal with it,” regardless of how you feel or what it takes.

But, what if your definition of strength was flawed?

Self empowerment . . .
Healing . . .
Transformation . . .

Embrace the best version of yourself!

Meet Amelia

Find Strength in Flexibility

After major storms and hurricanes what kinds of trees remain standing?  And why?

Strong hardwood trees like oaks and maples break and get uprooted in storms.  They eventually crack and fall from the extra weight of the water.  They are uprooted by strong winds because their trunks are too rigid to withstand the pressure.

The trees that survive BEND.  They are flexible.  Palm trees, willow trees and other SOFT wood trees are more resilient because they move with the force of the wind, so they can rise again after the storm.  They may lose leaves and branches, but they are more difficult to uproot because they have deep roots, and bend instead of breaking. 

And after the storm, these soft trees rise.  They reach up to sun and grow new leaves, and blossom repeatedly throughout the years without being broken by the many storms during their lifetimes.

All this time, you thought that being strong meant standing firm, and being the solid rock. 

But there is strength in  flexibility and softness.

Woman on tree shutterstock 705392473-huge_edited_edited.jpg

There is resilience in allowing, rather than fighting back, painful emotions and fears. Fear can keep us cocooned...

"For a caterpillar to become a butterfly it must trust the process to let go of what it is
to become something greater."

– Acharya Kathy Gibson


You may find yourself thinking, “How did I get here?  Why is life so hard?”

Getting up in the morning is difficult, to say the least, and you feel like you’re just going through the motions at work, home or school every day.


Psychotherapy and Complementary Healing Modalities are paths to wellbeing and evolution.  They are tools to examine your thoughts, feelings, strengths, successes, and passions; so you can flow with life’s challenges.  This allows you to heal and blossom into the the best version of you. 


We can learn how to live fuller and more meaningful lives.

We can learn how to move like a river, with a destination and a purpose, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.


Your first step was recognizing the need for change; it’s what brought you here.

The second step is to call for a free consultation to see how LKI can help you.


Meet Dr. Laird

Hi, I’m Dr. Nyamekye Laird and I am a Holistic or Bio-energetic Psychologist. I help people learn how to deal with major life struggles and heal from painful past experiences. My holistic approach empowers you to create peace and harmony in your life, and to recognize and embrace your own greatness.


Therapy is more than about answering the question, “How do you feel?’  It involves conducting life experiments so that you can prove to yourself that you are growing, transforming . . . moving closer to the life that you want and the you that you have always envisioned yourself to be.  Listening without judgment and helping you tap into your heart wisdom, rather than overanalyzing everything, psychotherapy helps you heal from past hurts and embrace your own self-worth.  Dr. Laird uses a combination of techniques to help you make positive changes and learn to let go of the things that hold you back. 


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2961 1st Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713

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